Playing with Light
• Every Monday October 7th to December 9th
• Morning groups only

Playing with light is an ongoing workshop where children will explore light as a creative medium. We will use flashlights, an overhead projector, a light table and translucent materials to build, draw and play, creating a beautiful and exciting environment for children to explore and tell stories.

Logistics: Playing with Light playgroup will be held every Monday morning from October 7th to December 9th. There is no Playgroup on Columbus Day (October 14th), Veteran’s Day (November 11th) and Thanksgiving week (November 25th). However – if you are interested in classes on Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day, please send us an email and depending on the amount of children interested, we will have class.

Morning Group
Monday: from 9am – 10:30 am

Meeting place: Class Space – 243 Smith Street (at the corner of Douglass)

$210 – for 7 classes

Additional classes (Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day) – $ 30 ea. per child

Tuitions are non-refundable; make-ups are unfortunately due to the structure and length of classes not possible.
Payment is due upon confirmation of registration. To register, please fill in the forms below

Please Complete after Registration

This form must be completed for each child signed up before beginning of the first class.

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