Summer Playgroup 2020
Playing with Nature
Every week from June 29th to July 31st
Every day (Mo-Fri) from 9am – 1pm
Registration opens in February

Playing with Nature is a summer playgroup & outdoor classes for children to observe, listen and be creative in a natural environment; our meetings will focus on reacquainting children with nature and will also show them the endless possibilities of playing in the park without any assembled toys. From our meeting point, we will start our adventure. Every day we will take a different path that will lead us to new experiences. We will collect little things that we find along our way – sticks, rocks, leaves, barks, etc, to build houses, boats, a cabana, or whatever the children envision during the walk. We will direct their attention towards hearing the many different sounds in the park and spotting things so often overlooked, like imagining how birds or other animals would build their houses in different environments. Each day will bring new stimulating experiences for their imagination and creativity. We will be playing only with natural materials – no paint, no paper, no markers, only minimal materials like buckets, strings and ropes to help us during our adventure.