Summer Playgroup 2021
Playing with Nature
July 6th to July 30th
Every day (Mo-Fri) from 9am – 1pm

The days are getting warmer and that reminds us of the best time of the year – Summer!!

We love the hot days and we can’t wait to spend this time with the kids at the park. Summer Playgroup is to run freely, to touch the earth, to hear and spy birds, to dig and find worms or nice treasures, to take walks in the forest and check our blackberry bushes, to feel the wind and fly kites, to climb our beloved beech tree and rest under it’s shade, to build incredible structures that can be an airplane, teepee or pirate ship, to make cookies and feed our dragons; all while taking the necessary precautions. Our mission is to encourage the children to play, explore, imagine and doing that we are helping them to have a healthy and happy childhood. Looking forward to meet you at the park for a very fun summer time. Let’s celebrate life and nature together again!